Tynwald Primary School.
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School achievements


2001- Tynwald Primary School opens with an enrolment of 42 pupils and 6 teachers.

2002- Enrolment jumps to 385 pupils in the second year of operation.

2002- School is given full membership of ATS (Association of Trust Schools).

2003- School opens with full enrolment of 625 pupils (3 years ahead of schedule).

2005- Tynwald High School opens, using Primary School facilities before moving to present site.
2006 - Tynwald Primary school wins the 1st prize as the school with the best Grade 7 results (98%).

2007-  First Sports tour (soccer and cricket), to South Africa, with a group of 15 pupils.

2009-  Retired General V.M.G Zvinavashe (founder of the school) passes on in Harare on 10 March.
       -  School scores 100% in Grade 7 exams.
2010- Four teachers and 28 pupils go on a tour to the United States of America for three weeks
         School scores 100% again in the Grade 7 exams.
2011- Tynwald Primary came second in Harare Metropolitan Province Grade 7 results with a 98.8 % pass rate.                               
       - Robotics club defied all odds despite competing with High School students, the pupils managed to do           exceptionally well in both the Robot Game and the Project. Our score was 350 points which was 50 points shy of the World Record of the same challenge. The club will represented Zimbabwe in the competitions hosted by    South Africa in November 2012.

2013- The School purchased a brand new Higer 65 seater bus.

2016- Recorded a music album with the school band and choir.

Became the first school in Zimbabwe to receive the BID Prize in the Paris, France in 2016.